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Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL
Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL Viewsonic PRO8530HDL

Viewsonic PRO8530HDL


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Bright and versatile for any professional installation, the ViewSonic® LightStream® Pro8530HDL 1080p projector delivers everything you need for big screens in big venues. Delivering 5,200 lumens of advanced high brightness, this projector is ideal for auditoriums, large boardrooms, houses of worship, and more. Thanks to SuperColor™ technology, content is brought to life with captivating color, crisp graphics, and stunning videos no matter the environment. Designed for installers, this top-notch performer is also easy to deploy and manage with its wide 1.6x optical zoom adjustment, a centered lens design, and a vertical lens shift feature that provides extreme flexibility in even the most challenging installations. What’s more, a smart and intuitive design includes a hidden PortAll™ compartment. This integrated compartment features an MHL/HDMI port, paired with an optional HDBaseT adapter, and delivers a perfect combination of audio/video performance via network cabling.

Brightness : 5200 Lumens
Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Aspect Ratio : 16:9

Utilize Unique "Flex-In" Design
Flexible Integration

ViewSonic’s "Flex-In" design provides a flexible, yet well-integrated installation that brings easy adjustment and maintenance. Intuitive Form: A perfect blend of scenario-specific hardware integration with a stylish design; High Flexibility: Can perform an abundant amount of varied configurations for versatile use; Easy Installation: Easy to adjust image positioning and adjustment makes setup simple.

Easy-Access Top Cover
Ample space for maintenance

The tool-free and simple top cover design is easy enough for users to check the maintenance room without any hassle. Under the top cover, the ample room provides users to adjust or change a dongle or lamp conveniently, making ceiling mounted applications easier to manage!

PortAll®: Secure MHL/HDMI port with built-in Micro USB cable
Big dongle compartment

ViewSonic’s exclusive PortAll® feature is a hidden compartment with an integrated and secure MHL/HDMI port that lets you discretely stream multimedia content from an HDBaseT dongle, wireless dongle, PC stick, etc. In addition, the built-in Micro USB cable provides 10W power to HDMI dongles for charging without looking for the power source.
*Optional ViewSonic HDBaseT dongle *Optional ViewSonic wireless presentation gateway dongle (WPG Series)

Cable Management Hood
Neat exterior

A cable management hood connects onto the back of the projector to hide unsightly cable clutter and exposed ports.

4-in-1 Power Button
Easy-on control

The specialized power button contains a power key, dongle power indicator, projector control IR receiver, and remote player IR receiver. When activating a dongle from the PortAll® compartment, a tiny blue light will indicate the dongle is in use. Moreover, it can also receive signals to remotely control the connected player.

Easy Lamp Access Design
Quick disassembly

An easy-access top lamp and tool-free ring enable simple lamp maintenance and replacement.

Optional Waveform Air Filter
Long-lasting anti-dust design

Compared to a flat surface air filter, the projector’s advanced waveform air filter catches more dust and improves the life longevity of the projector. With a rounded design and more surface area, more dust and particles can be captured, keeping inside operation smoothly.

Power Cable Locker
Prevent cable from detaching

Power cables can easily become loose over time and can be a hassle to plug back in when the projector is mounted on the ceiling. The power cable lock holder helps to keep the cable secure, with an easy detach mechanism, so cords will not accidently become unplugged.

Optional Built-in ViewSonic® HDBaseT dongle HB10B
Up to 70-meter extended signal-transmitted application for easy installation

HDBaseT technology is a cost-effective solution to transmit uncompressed ultra-HD audio & video, 100BaseT Ethernet, IR control and power by a Cat.5e/6/7 LAN cable up to 70 meters that is better than HDMI performance.
Based on HDBaseT technology, the ViewSonic® HDBaseT dongle fits into the PortAll®, boasting its stable transmission over longer distance, even carrying 4K signals up to 35 meters*, by a Cat.5e/6/7 Lan cable for HDMI-alternative extended installation. Compatible with versatile multimedia device sources and output displays, it also receives control signals to command remote multimedia devices.
*1080P up to 70m by Cat 6
*4K/2k up to 35m by Cat 6

Optional Built-in ViewSonic® Wireless Dongle or Others
Wireless projecting application

Fitting into the PortAll®, the ViewSonic® ViewSync® WPG series and other wireless dongles are powerful and compact to enable 1080p multimedia content and documents from mobile devices to projectors.

Optional Built-in PC Sticks
Personal Computer Application

Fitting into the PortAll® compartment, PC sticks can be utilized to transform your projector into a full-fledged computer.

4 x HDMI Inputs
Flexible connectivity to high-definition devices

Perfect for connecting to any HDMI-enabled multimedia device; the 4 HDMI ports provide more options for HD device deployment.

Centered Lens
Easy alignment for the beginning

With a centered lens position, the projector is easy to align and even easier to set up, without having to guess and tediously adjust your surroundings.

Vertical Lens Shift
Tool-free design for vertical image position adjustment

This tool-free control knob controls the lens shift function easily for up and down adjustments of the projection lens. This feature provides flexible projector placement for challenging installations, with less locational limitations.

Wide 1.6x Optical Zoom
Enlarged images, flexible installation

Equipped with a 1.6x optical zoom lens, the projector provides mounting flexibility with a wider throw distance range. This zoom lens also enables the projector to project images up to 60% larger than a conventional projector equipped with a fixed focal lens.

HV Keystone plus Auto V Keystone
Easy image adjustment, with side projection

Horizontal and vertical Keystone correction, plus auto vertical Keystone eliminates crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time. The automatic vertical keystone also improves usability and makes setup and image positioning more convenient.

4-Corner Adjustment
Advanced image correction capabilities

Horizontal and vertical Keystone correction can only solve symmetric distorted image problems. When it comes to non-symmetric crooked images, 4-corner adjustment can make images right.

Best in Class Color Accuracy

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology offers a wider color range than conventional DLP® projectors, ensuring that users enjoy realistic and accurate colors. With an exclusive color wheel design and dynamic lamp control capabilities, SuperColor™ Technology projects images with reliable and true-to-life color performance, in both bright and dark environments, without sacrificing image quality.

Color Mode
5 fined-tuned viewing modes

A choice of 5 unique view settings provide the best possible viewing experience in any environment regardless of ambient light. Brightest Mode: for environments where extra-high brightness is required; Dynamic Mode: for presentations under daylight environment and text content; Standard Mode: for matching PC or NB color; ViewMatch Mode: for general viewing; Movie Mode: for watching movies with better saturation in a dark environment.

Full HD with 3D Blu-ray Ready
The Finest Picture Quality

Features Full HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p) native resolution for the sharpest and clearest picture available. It supports all types of high definition formats (1080p/1080i/720p) and 3D Blu-ray players. 3D images can be viewed with optional ViewSonic PGD-350 Shutter Glasses, or any other compatible 3D glasses.

Sealed Optical Engine
Dust-free and well-maintained image quality

The sealed optical engine prevents dust and moisture from affecting the lighting system, ensuring the image quality is maintained.

SonicExpert® Technology
Powerful sound qualify

Following a groundbreaking proprietary speaker transducer and chamber re-design, projectors deliver full-range sound 20Hz – 20KHz for presentations or off-the-clock home entertainment. The 2 x 10W Cube speakers take pride in quality sound with best-fit Sound Response Curve, and high efficiency of transferring electric power to sound power.

3 modes

The exclusive SonicMode sound settings deliver optimized audio performance for presentations, video clips and music. The "Standard" preset offers the best sound levels for general use. The "Speech" preset enhances the sound of spoken words, making it ideal for projecting speeches and lectures, or for sales calls and video conferencing. The "Entertainment" preset is fine-tuned with more bass and richer mid-high frequencies ideal for music and movies.

Network Management
Easy central control for 250+ projectors

This projector comes equipped with Crestron RoomView Express, an easy-to-use network management system that lets administrators remotely observe and control over 250 projectors from a single PC, such as power on/off, lamp life etc.

Programmable Remote Control
Easy control from a mobile device

To satisfy a presenter’s needs, this remote control contains wireless presenter functions (mouse control, page up-n-down, etc.) and hotkeys for critical, major functions. A programmable hotkey “MyButton” can be configured to launch the most commonly used functions. Users can also Control up to eight projectors in the same venue or from a mobile device via free vRemote app.


Manufacturer ViewSonic
Dimensions (cm)

(Width x Depth x Height)

50 x 32 x 14
Weight 6.3 kg
Technology DLP (Any)
Brightness 5,200 lumens
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast 5,000:1
Lamp Life

(hours - high/standard/low)

2,000 / 2,500 (Normal / Eco-mode)
Focus Manual
Lamp Type VIP
Lamp Power 370 Watts
Keystone Correction Manual
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.60:1
Interchangeable Lens Yes
Lens Shift (H/V) Vertical (7.5% Full high or 15% Half high)
Lens Shift Type Powered
Image Size (inch) 30 - 300
Throw Ratio (D:W) 1.07 - 1.71
Speaker 10.0 W × 2
Supported Video Mode(s) 1080p60, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
Input(s) HDMI / MHL, VGA
Feature(s) Operate 24/7, Laser Pointer, Geometric Correction, Full HD 3D, Crestron RoomView, Closed Captioning




Viewsonic WPG-370

The ViewSonic® WPG-370 Full HD 1080p wireless presentation gateway allows users to wirelessly stream HD content from laptops and other mobile devices to projectors, televisions and digital signages. The WPG-370 is also designed to work with a mobile app that enables content to be streamed directly from smart phones and tablets through the gateway. For business users, the WPG-370 provides user friendly PC-less media streaming. Content can be streamed from a USB drive through the WPG-370 without a PC. The WPG-370 is designed to be flexible and convenient, which makes it the perfect wireless presentation solution for projectors and also a superior advertisement solution for digital signage. Plus, the WPG-370 offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band wireless transmission for smoothly multimedia content streaming, especially 1080p videos. It will intelligent select appropriate band in different usage scenarios. The WPG-370 presentation gateway will give you a perfect wireless transmission performance each time.

Viewsonic PGD-350

The ViewSonic® PGD-350 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses deliver an immersive 3D visual experience for home entertainment, as well as for office or educational use. The PGD-350 glasses feature a stylish, lightweight design with foldable frames for comfortable wear and portability. With a built-in, USB rechargeable battery, ViewSonic PGD-350 glasses can provide up to 30 hours of uninterrupted 3D viewing when fully charged. A 1200:1 contrast ratio and support for 1080p resolution ensures vivid, lifelike images, while a fast 2ms response time reduces any blurring or ghosting. The PGD-350 glasses do not require an IR remitter for 3D viewing, and are compatible for use with all 3D DLP® Link projectors. ViewSonic PGD-350 glasses also feature 178-degree wide viewing angles, enabling users to enjoy 3D viewing from nearly anywhere in the room. With ViewSonic PGD-350 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses, enjoy 3D movies at home, deliver 3D presentations in the office, or provide 3D interactive lessons in the classroom.

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